Nico Sapuppo

One of the saxophonists white with a black sound, with strong sensibility and technique from the language of jazz, ranging from traditional jazz to modern jazz, and blues influences - funk, reaching to the construction of a modern sound and a voice "black" characterized by lyricism and sensitivity of empathic listening.

frank bioThe eclectic saxophonist and composer Nico Sapuppo born July 4, 1966 in Catania, Sicily.

It has an excellent sensitivity and excellent technical ability to float by phrasing or a modern sound with a black classical composition managing to blend elegance with the different musical influences.

Nico is one of the composers of Nu Jazz being recognized in international magazines such as 40 plus.

His fields of language music from traditional jazz to modern jazz flowing without neglecting the contamination of blues, funky display and echoes of the Mediterranean enhanced by live electronic sounds.

The result is a sound that gives emphasis on improvisation and spontaneity with a nice flow seducing the listener.

His first CD is titled "A Long Journey" or a long journey, in which Nico is presented as a composer, arranger, soloist and leader of his quartet.

The album reached the highest positions in radio networks in the world.
He kept the first place in Japan and the United States.

Nico Sapuppo began studying guitar and piano at the tender age of six years.
Recognized as a child prodigy was admitted to the Conservatory Bellini in Catania and move on to the third year of the violin. While learning to play the flute, he discovered his passion for wind instruments hopelessly falling in love with the saxophone when he was sixteen. He grew up in him a great admiration for Lester Joung, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, Michael Brecker, Bob Berg and musically refined by the last two quests.

The theme of the soundtrack to Round Midnight, starring Dexter Gordon, was instrumental for Nico to devote himself to jazz. Dexter Gordon dedicates one of his earliest compositions, "Yellow Moon" that is, yellow moon, which he composed at age fourteen, and now included in the compact disk. In 2006 Nico Sapuppo was the producer of the musical 'Welcome to Providence' work by Italian neorealist Luchino Visconti's "La Terra Trema".

On the socio-cultural content has been granted recognition by the Italian State "Honorable Mention President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano".

A long journey is a fusion of melodic patterns, techniques, sketches and a collection of experiences with collaboration between the famous genres of jazz and blues singers such as Cheryl Porter, Gavin Christopher voice of Mariah Carey - Stevie Wonder - Herbie Hancok - Otis Reding - Quincy Jones and Elaine Gibbs ... black soul voice on the international scene, moral winner of X Factor USA 2011.

It is also supported in this venture by his friends: Paolo Fresu, Ken Navarro, Stefano di Battista, Francesco Puglisi, Nicola Angelucci, Vince Vallicelli, Marcus Williams, Gaetano Valli and Andrea Zuppini.

Nico started his long journey and is currently in Argentina to continue to bring his divine music, his talent and his sympathy for the rest of South America.