A long journey


Audio CD
Release Date: October 2011
Label: Nico Sapuppo

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Nico Sapuppo:
Alto Saxophone - Tenor Sax - Piano
Gaetano Valli:
Simone Giunta:
Beppe Ripullo:
Serginho Da Costa:
Cristina Russo:

1. Ulysses & Sirens
2. Los Angeles Dream
3. Unforgettable Chet
4. A Special Day
5. Yellow Moon (Tribute to Dexter Gordon)
6. The Impulses of the Heart
7. E Vui Durmiti Ancora
8. The Journey Begins
9. Night in Bahia

Review of the album "A Long Journey" by Nico Sapuppo.


I was looking for a soundtrack to keep me company on this trip New York-Boston;

I have to go find a special friend that left me here alone to face the madness of the Big Apple.

In my hands this album, "A Long Journey", in Italian 'A long journey' of 'eclectic saxophonist and composer Nico Sapuppo. The title seems right for me.

It seems easy listening ... no, it's jazz or smooth jazz maybe ... but no, no, music is pure in its simplicity!

Songs like "The journey begins", "A special day", "Los angeles dream", "Ulysses and sirens," "Night in Bahia" are particularly exciting.

Colorful funky, blues, enriched by well-calibrated electronic sounds and I can imagine big cities, crowded streets, dazzling lights so that I can oscurire even the full moon. Yet in the sweetness of ballads such as "Yellow Moon," "Unforgettable" (tribute to legend Chet Baker) in this clear stamp adds something sad and deep, like the voice of a storyteller who has seen too much in life and try to reassure you.

That voice is the same that you spellbound during childhood, the one who knows you even better than you. Nico and 'backed by musicians delicious, the arrangements are original, inspired.

Not to mention the revised version of the classic Sicilian "And yet durmiti vu" adds to the whole album a touch of Italian flavor fresh and necessary that makes everything delicious.

It seems I've found the perfect soundtrack for my Friday night by bus. His soul speaks straight to the heart: this is the place that you can enjoy the beautiful colored lights, and promises of golden dreams that come true.

This is the Great Cities of the films that you crave, and that disappoints with its dirty streets and excesses. This is the most loved and most hated. Keep Your past close to you and enjoy this new journey.

'Cause this is now the only truth you can count on, the music. This is so my "Long Journey", in the direction of myself. A work worthy of note!

Thanks Nico.

Pamela Chiarappa


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