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Nico SapuppoNico Sapuppo is a Sicilian-born saxophonist and composer. Citizen of the world and a deep knowledge of jazz, Nico was able to gain acclaim thanks to the emotions conveyed by his compositions, full of contamination. In this interview, the artist has tried to explain what lies behind its peculiar stylistic.

[Raffaella Sbrescia] Nico, your musical journey started when you were just a child ... how they evolved, over time, your boundless love for music and your style research?

[Nico Sapuppo] Thanks to the experience of music, both live and in the recording studio, I had a chance to range from jazz to funk, from blues to pop. All this has allowed me to mature and evolve managing to contaminate my music and improve my sound of the saxophone making it modern.

[RS] What are the current music that you feel closer to your world made ​​mostly of improvisation?

[NS] I love all the music in the 80's ... I started listening to jazz, rock, and jazz fusion, and finally pure. My compositions are full of melody, I love contaminate and try to get a sound as possible personal and recognizable.

[RS] What 's the drive that determines your creative charge?

[NS] To listen to what I am looking for my soul tells me every time is an 'incredible emotion, I leave the world outside ie everything starts to take shape in ever new ways.

[RS] In these years, you've got to go around the world and interact with many artists. Would you like to tell us about some incident that has marked more than others?

[NS] In fact, the anecdotes are so many: when I met Paolo Fresu introduced ourselves this way: I I began with the following words: "Great master can I have the pleasure and honor to shake your hand?" And Paul replied: "Enjoyment, Paolo Fresu "and I instinctively countered:"
Pleased Nico Sapuppo, a humble servant of music "and Paul, smiling, he said:" No one has ever presented debuting so, Nico my pleasure. "
The other is inherent in the encounter with the great singer Elaine Gibbs, after the end of a performance together, embracing me with tears in her eyes and whispered, "Wow Nico, you are a great soulful sax man, thanks for all! ".
And to think that the saxophonist who is usually accompanied Eric Marienthal ....!

[RS] Your album "A Long Journey" talks a lot about you and that you love contaminations enter into your compositions ... what are the narrative suggestions you would like to communicate to the public?

[NS] my answer with a phrase: "Music is the free expression of the soul, deep emotion in its purest form," and again, I say this with the utmost humility and simplicity, "I am what I play and what sound they are." Music has always been part of me, my life, my way of being, love passionately and tell me to compose music, and if this comes to the public, I will be happy!

[RS] Only a few months ago you were in South America for a long tour ... which countries have you performed with and feedback have you had from this experience?

[NS] In South America, I received an incredible reception, every concert was accompanied by a live TV and radio in a big promotion. I was in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Concord, Passo de los Libres, Corrientes), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Bahia), Paraguay and Uruguay, and I also had the pleasure and honor of knowing the console Argentino and the Brazilian consul who, at the end of the concert, they came to see me ...

[RS] Are you working on new songs?

[NS] Yes, I'm working on a second album that will be a blast from the past with a look to the future ...
There will also be international collaborations, I was contacted by the artists in the U.S., who would like that I cooperated with them, not only as a saxophonist, but also as a composer of piano ...
In fact I often compose and I put everything in the drawer, I really hope to continue to produce good music.

[RS] What projects are scheduled for next spring?

[NS] Soon be visible on my new site, with management, press office and a staff of professionals with whom I will work closely together and in synergy. I take this opportunity to thank those who believed in me, who supports me in all the world, those who understand my true essence, to those who have great sensitivity and love for music. In particular, thanks to Radio network and "Lee Thomas Mojito jazz radio" which has given me visibility into all the world and to my partner who has always supported me and supported over the years.

[RS] If you could describe your world of notes, which adjectives would you use to let us steal the very essence of jazz?

[NS] Engaging, Exciting, Colorful, Vibrant, thoughtful, full of soul! When we are told in music, through the heart will get to everyone, even to those who do not understand a lot of jazz ...

Raffaella Sbrescia

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